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Lets get you in touch with a wide collection of books related to veterinary.


  1. Anatomy Click here
  2. Animal Nutrition Click here
  3. Biochemistry Click here
  4. Embryology Click here
  5. Histology Click here
  6. Parasitiology Click here
  7. Pathology Click here
  8. Pharmacology Click here
  9. Physiology Click here
  10. Epidemiology and clinical guide Click here
  11. Microbiology Click here
  12. Medicine and Surgery    Click here
  13. Extension    Click here
  14. Dictionary    Click here


Distinguish various breeds of animal seen around your vicinity.

Identify the fodder species seen around your vicinity. 

 Identify the type of drug used in veterinary.

Identify the pathological symptom in Animal with images.

Identify the taxonomy of fish species found in Nepal. 


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