" Your something Could be Someones everything "

You can contribute via


You can Join us in our mission and begin giving free education to those who are in need.


Everbody loves reading. You can donate your old books so that others who could not afford can start with yours.


Your old Geometric box, extra pencil, pen, even eraser & other materials could be someones new tool to start their education.


Your old and extra dress(school)/ clothes could be someones compatible wear to bring smile on his/her face.

Have questions what and how to contribute? See below

Well every book is everyones favorite. If you have books regarding story, literature, fiction, poems, inspiration, motivation, moral stories that small children might enjoy reading you can contribute that to us.  

Well, having such great thought is enough for us but if you really want to help in any way you can do these:

  • Consult with you other friends, theirs brothers and sisters, society and collect from them and contribute to us.
  • You can organise a campaign regarding book collection which will definitely end up with positive result. You can do this with us too. Just inform us.
  • You can join us and start bringing postitive change

We can do in these ways:

  • You can courier us those help.
  • If the help is too huge to send, you can contact us beforehand and we will examine you area and find where the help is most needed and we will come and join you there to supply the help that place.

Yes, there is always a way.

  • You can do polls, survey, examinations of you locality, city, district whatever be your possibility, about the educational conditions, availability of study materials, other needs that should be fulfilled and send to us. We will take necessary actions to it or forward it to better platform for its solution.
  • You can share information about Scholarsspace to your friends, parents, siblings, schools, teachers and encourage them to be a part of our mission of free quality education to everyone.
  • You can join  and  begin your contributing journey with us as brother and sister.
  • and definitely many more other ways.

join us and begin teaching. We will guide you till you become independent. For further information, please visit > Become a Teacher


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