be an influncer

Be the change you want to see

What we want

2076 - Present

Free Education to Every Child, Adult & Parent

Nepal, yet a developing country with slowly increasing literacy rate, is very back in development. The main reason: Lack of Education. And for that the main reason: Highly commercialized Education system. More than 50% of children are deprived of Education. We intend to change that.

Problems We see

  • No availability of Quality education to everyone.
  • Highly commercialied education system
  • Rural areas being neglected for good education and content.
  • Not adequate availability of Notes, books, toolkits, copies, Even teachers to supply quality education
  • and many more. We are just scratching the surface only. There are many problems that are to be discovered yet and of course solved.

What you can


Be a part, Be a learner, Be a Teacher, Be an Influncer

Your Role

Free-Teach what you know in Scholars space and help others learn.
Share what you gained from Scholars Space to your friends, family, neighbors and encourage them to Follow Scholars Space
Donate Books, notes, copy, dress, bags, geometrical instruments etc which in return we can donate to those who are in need.
Donate Small amount of someones school fair and help them get quality education.
Start you own Educational venture with us to help thousands of deserving children and youths.


  • Create awareness among people for better supplement of quality education.
  • Raise voices for betterment, systematization and upliftment of education quality in school, colleges especially for Governmental sectors.
  • Making abundant availability of materials in simpler form for everyone so that everyone will be vest with good education opportunity.

Rahul Senchuri

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Rohit Senchuri

+977 9814310564

Dheeraj Poudel

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