Failing is important

Article credit : Saurav Pantha , B.V.Sc and AH , IAAS , Paklihawa

DO NOT FAIL!! All our lives we are taught not to fail, not to let anyone down. Every day , every seconds of our life we are judged on the basis of the success we have encountered, on the glory we have achieved. A student by his percentile and ranks, the employee by his salary and promotions, a CEO by his profits and company turnovers and an owner by the number of firm or companies he owns and so on. We are told the sky is the limitation and are asked to fly irrespective of the wings we have. We are obliged to think that success is the only way and failure is the end.

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Yes , success is important, no doubts on that. Everyone wants to drive a bentley on a smooth black road full speed, fly in an business class on the most costly airway, wrap a gold medal around the neck from a university or a college.  I bet you have already started imagining the experiences. Your mind someday might have taken your into those unnatural yet possible circumstances where you are singing with your favorite superstar, dating your celebrity crush , applauded by the people. In nutshell, we want to see ourselves as a successful person. Dreams are not reality but the realities were someday dreams. The things we imagine today will turn into reality tomorrow but not out of the blue, not overnight. To climb up the ladder you need to be on the ground, take a step at a time , take time, go slow and never stop and you eventually reach the top. To reach up the stage , you need to stand from the crowd, you need to push yourself among the crowds and reach the front row and the stage. You need to fail then you will succeed.

We try , we fail. We again try, we again fail and we stop trying and we stop failing and we stop succeeding. We see ourselves failing and others succeeding that will depress us and we will fail again, a feedback loop from hell, is what Mark Manson says. If everyone in the world were to be the same then what worth was it creating the seven of billions of people. Every single one of us are among the seven billions, that is how precious we are, how different we are. This is the probability that makes us unique.
We learn things gradually , we learnt to weep the moment we were born. We peed, we pooped ,we farted. At around four months we learnt to roll , at about 7 months we learnt to crawl and when we were about an year we started walking. Okay let’s take a moment to think the time we started walking. We don’t vividly remember it but we have an idea that we fell, we wept, we stood up, fell and wept… we fell off the stairs, in the smooth marble tiles, in the coarse plastered floors, we fell off the bed, off the sofas and from so many places but not a single time we said “ damnit it’s painful.”  We probably wept, sucked upon the breasts and a moment we stopped weeping we started walking and we fell and we wept. So ask yourself a question. What would have happened had you never stood up when you failed trying walking the first time? What would have happened if you had said “ I can’t walk, It freaking hurts” What would have happened if you were afraid of the failure to fall off the sofa? our every step is the consequences of the small tiny walks If your tiny brain that weighed some ounces refused to give up and dared to try without a second thought why are you ready to give it up so fast without trying when you are a grown up. Did your brain leave your cranial cavity and have migrated to your ass or  are  you  afraid than an year old yourself ?  Fail because failing is important. The pain in that failure is important.

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Let us consider an example, you father recently bought a motorcycle, brand new, smooth and sexy. Two large sized silencers , a big head light and a black sexy steel body. You look at it from the terrace of your house and dream of riding her but the sad part is you still don’t know to ride a motorcycle. Do you think in matter of some days we will eventually get to ride that without getting any idea and skills? May be not, may be you need to first get on the top of it , start the self , take a clutch and accelerate and boom , you need to hit the pole and break the headlight and listen to your father lecture you for some hours. Next day you need to mend the headlight , start it all over again and boom. This time you fell to the ground with your bike and it is your leg you got to mend this time. You will need to mend, you will need to fail, you will need to try then fail , then try then you will learn to ride that sexy lady on that smooth road. Success does not come to those who wait, it comes to those who fail and who tries. So failing is important. So don’t get afraid to fail, afraid not to try. To learn that bike you need to learn to fail.

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Nobody learns swimming in a shallow water. It is so because we don’t get to fail there. To learn swimming you should learn to drown. Unless you drown, unless you throw up your arms and legs and splash that freaking  water in the river or pond and fight for your non  worthy life you won’t be a good swimmer. If you are afraid to drown you will forever find yourselves in a swimming suit with a tube to float. How shameful right? Learn to drown then you learn to swim , first learn to fail. Failing is painful but success comes with the pain. So pain is important, failing is important.

Let me ask you a question, who do you think has the better chance of winning a game of cards? A person who is dealt with better cards or a person who can play cards better. Of course a person who can play better. Taking this analogy to life; we all are dealt with separate sets of cards , some are dealt with better cards than others but that doesn’t imply they will win. Everyone has got the equal chances to replace the bad ones with the good ones, they have got equal opportunities to make their own move and the one with the multiple best moves win the game. The game never gets over until you have the cards in your hand and you still have your move to make. The game gets over when you decide to fold your cards and say I am done.  So don’t cry over the spilled milk, make your move. The cards of the life doesn’t end until you are dead. It is that one moment, one move that will make a difference. So never say I have bad set of cards I am done, we won’t get next set of cards, when you pack the game is over, you will never get to win the game. Until you have life, you have your cards, you have a move to make. Until you have a move to make, baby it is never over.

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To reach your home you will always travel on the bus that takes you home no matter how congested or fiendish it is. Have you ever traveled on a bus that doesn’t take you home but has plenty of space to sit just because you can travel comfortably? There may be comfort on the journey but you will never reach your destination. To reach your home you need to fight that crowd, step on that bus, ride over the people , fall to the ground, get punched. No matter how hard the journey is the destination where we will reach brings the satisfaction.

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 Fight for what is yours,  what you desire. Don’t fear failing and don’t stop getting up. The more you fail the more better it is. Life is all about failing and getting up. Fail , weep suck up the breasts and start again, get on that motorbike and break some of your own bones and some of the headlights, play the best move, get into the deepest part of river and learn to drown then you will reach the place which is your destination. Before you want success, seek for a place where you can fail, a motivation where you can try again.  FAILING IS IMPORTANT

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