Internet fasting for 48 hrs: A prescription pill for mental well-being

Waiting for few decades to experience apocalyptic digital dominance taking control of your lives? No need to wait. Symptoms are now appearing and we are starting to bleed. And You don’t have to go through the loads of data to realize your internet addiction. Just self-reflect and you will find yourself immersing on phone while commuting, in office and at home where we can’t even attend our nature’s call rituals without leaving the phone aside, are endlessly scrolling through the social media feeds, binge watching videos like world is going to end tomorrow, showing online presence to impress others, just clinging to some unproductive apps in our smartphone or refreshing for new emails or messages. Too irony, some of us won’t even believe that it true until we see an informative post on Routine of Nepal Banda, a popular page on Facebook.

Some might argue that they are there for the bits of information. But the reality is that everything they find on internet is second-hand or tertiary information. For firsthand information, you must choose to leave the palace of illusions and go out in the real-world harboring real-life experiences.

Internet addiction: A looming illness

Like Internet addiction Disorder is a real thing, Internet fasting is also a thing new to 2020 often advocated by Some psychologists. In japan they are already organizing internet fasting camps for kids and young people. Like Fasting, you just have to cut-off supply of digital data to your mind for 48 hours and simply enjoy the offline life. Consider this as if you are following a new trending Internet challenge and you wouldn’t want to feel left-out in this. You can leave your phone beside and do everything on your checklist for 48 hours. You can read, play physical games, interact with family and friends, meditate or just ignore the people who question your sanity and gaze at a plain sight.

So, what exactly can you do in this 48 hours are certain but one thing you shouldn’t certainly do is going back to online life. After experiencing Internet fasting, you might even frequently adopt the practice of deliberately spending time offline. Because the benefits are tons. Your ability to focus and concentrate will increase. Unlike crawling on internet, you will find you are using all body senses. More importantly this will rejuvenate your mind from not feeding the shitty news, fake information and useless data on the internet. And Remember this is the prescription pill for your mental health.

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