Role of Youth: Promoting Peace and Sustainable Development

Role of Youth: Promoting Peace and Sustainable Development

Though the world has become technologically more advanced, we can’t deny the truth that it is being more and more unsafe. Violence, injustice aggression and harassment are increasing day by day. Nobody knows when and where, the man created disaster like: chemical attack, bomb attack will take place. It has not only threatened the lives of all people but also have caused problem in sustainable development. Now a question arises, “what could be the role of youths in such situation?” Well, there are many possible ways by which youths can involve but they should act as responsible citizen to promote peace and carry out developmental works.

Youths as Nation builder

Youths are pillar of a nation. They can shape the state. They have strength to accept the challenge, ideas to tackle the problem and determination to reach the goal. Only the thing is that they should utilize their capability to get optimum result. Youth should mobilize themselves in different sectors for change. Many social problems prevail in our society. Discrimination on the basis of caste and race, gender inequality, exploitation, torture are some examples of them. Similarly, fear of terrorism, nuclear and bio-war are a great threat to world peace. Regarding this, youths can create awareness programs in public. They can carry out op-positional rally, present street dramas or perform flash mob to promote human rights.

Youths in Politics

It is said that politics is a key to open the door of positive changes. But when this science is thought as a medium for corruption, it brings negative impacts. Where the fraud prevails, there persists barrier for work. Today’s youths should raise their voice against such illegal works. They must enter into politics to finish the game of corrupted people, end up bribery and allow only legal works. Common people face many problems due to ruined politics and it is the role of youth to improve it. Works on proper procedure may take little more time but it will sustain for longer period.

Pen has power to become voice of voiceless. It sounds louder than bullets. Youths can involve in literature, journalism, article writing or anything like this to expose the current situation among public. They should show positive works to encourage new youths and discourage them about negative ones. They have power to influence and unite other in their aim. Through club and organization they can hold their hands together and work for benevolence of people. There are several young leaders across the world who fought against injustice, brought revolutionary changes and lead the nation towards development. Peter Benenson(Founder of Amnesty International), Bipana Sharma(Child Right Activist), Martin Luther King Jr.(Leader of Civil Rights Movement), Malala Yousafzai(Activist for Female Education) etc are some of them. Such people are the source of inspiration for everyone.

Youth is the state of age where revolutionary thoughts and creative ideas arise in mind. Due to their enthusiastic and energetic nature; they become key people in most of the activities; whether it is war, politics, social works or developing works. Their active participation is essential to complete almost all of them. So, proper guidance is necessary to grip them in productive works. Also, they should utilize their knowledge and skill properly. Their positive actions will surely ensure the sustainable development of any nation.

Youths as Nations Future

The future of nation depends upon youths. For this they should get education. Education opens knowledge, knowledge develops ideas and ideas bring actions. Nobody listens to an illiterate person. Educated youths are respected and their voice is heard too. Therefore, it is responsibility of government to provide quality education to them. Whether in social organization, politics, projects or in productive works qualified youths must be selected. Then, definitely they will bring best outcomes. Today’s world needs new vision and new skill and for this, youths are the source. Once they get opportunity, they should contribute in welfare of others. They must prove their existence as a boon and make a meaningful life. And if all youths organized together for a specific goal, one day the world will overcome the success; the success of world, where people are living in peace and harmony and are working for sustainable development.




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