Trees- The Real Treasure

Article credit : Abiral Gautam , Class-9 , Arjun Boarding School , Tamghas Gulmi

It was my birthday on March. I lodged a plant around my home. It is passing through its growth stage these days. The sprout is rising and leaves are growing, spreading fragrance to the environment and filling happiness to my heart. Every time I see tree, I wonder about greenery all around us.

We humans, call ourselves the supreme creature of earth. However, why won’t we? After all we have changed the scenario of the world completely; transformed the Stone Age to modern age and brought the lives of people to ease. We always stepped forward on new developments. But, very sadly, in a way for living a luxurious life we forget that we are challenging nature. We expect a lot from the nature but when it comes to pay back, we stay diffident. That’s a topic to worry. Destroying tress in an irresponsible manner has left our environment to lose its beauty. The world can be a better place, only if we support the nature. This can be done when we pay the nature, its beautiful ornaments- The trees.

Needless to say about the benefits of trees; they can’t be expressed in words. But we are poor enough to protect them. Why is it so? It’s not a big deal to protect plants. We can conserve them without difficulty. But it needs a strong dedication and a committed soul.

We celebrate our birthday. We spend lots of money in enjoying. How beautiful it would be if everyone on their birthday planted a tree? I’ve thought this idea which can make my society, a better place.

Trees are everything for us. They are our life indeed. Then also, we continuously go on destroying them. Had they been providing wifi for free, they would have been protected very seriously. But alas! They give us shelter, wood, oxygen, fruits etc. The problem is that we see the benefits for present. We never think about the negative impacts that may occur to our future generations. If there is a change that I can work for is, to start plantation on birthday. It is not even complex, either. One plant per person on their birthday in a whole year is not a difficult matter, providing the assurance, this culture of plantation will benefit us. Greenery everywhere makes us healthy. In addition, we do not have to worry about natural disasters like, floods and landslides. Benefits of plant products are on another side. Fresh environment and healthy life- what else we suppose from nature? It would be much ridiculous if we continue deforestation and do not think about planting trees. It is not that, we go on conserving the trees and seldom use. Of course we can! But, we should be aware enough to make wise use. For making the wise use, plantation is necessary to compensate the loss we have already made.

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In the overwhelming world of twenty-first century, knowingly or unknowingly we are pressurizing the nature that may lead to exceed its carrying capacity one day. Population increases, resources decreases and accidents occurs in the form of disasters to make a balance. Ultimately, harm will rest on creatures of Earth. Better, we focus on conserving the natural resources, especially trees. So, let’s plant a tree on each birthday and spray greenery everywhere. Let’s stay happy, healthy and fresh.

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