Poly-house is a small version of green house made out of translucent materials like polyethylene or glass as the cover.This helps to grow and develop plant crops under controlled climatic conditions.


In poly-house, different fruit crops (papaya, strawberry), vegetables (cabbage, chili, tomato, cauliflower, Onion, garlic, radish, capsicum etc.) and flowers (Gerbera, Carnation, Orchid, Rose etc.) can be easily grown.


On the basis of environmental control system poly-house are categorized into ;


  1. 1. Naturally ventilated poly-house :

It consist of sufficient ventilation and fogger system to save crops from adverse climatic conditions, pests and diseases.


  1. 2. Environmental controlled poly-house :

These are primarily made to extend plant life or to increase off season yield by controlling temperature, light, ventilation and humidity.


Historically, the idea of growing plants in environmentally controlled area has existed since Roman times.


Poly-house farming is helpful for those farmers who choose organic farming in sustainable way.

It has many advantages. Some of them are as followings.


  • Poly-house farming helps in protection from excessive rainfall, wind currents and extremely cold climates.
  • Under controlled temperature, there is less chance of crop damage.
  • Crop can be grown all round the year and will not have to wait for specific seasons.
  • Uniform crop quality can be maintained.
  • Helps to increase the productivity from 8-12% higher.
  • Lowers the incidents of insects, pests and diseases.
  • Nutrient application is easier and drip irrigation can be established.
  • Genetically superior transplants can be produced.
  • Unproductive land can be used to rise these structures.
  • Propagation of plant crops can be done easily.
  • External climatic factors won’t have any impacts on growth of crops.
  • Better drainage and aeration facility.
  • Efficient use of carbon dioxide.
  • Less cropping period is required.
  • Requires minimum inputs.


Since you can control light, temperature, humidity and water to increase the yield by 8-12%. Nutritive, tasty and fresh organic products free from pesticides with high local and regional market prices can be generated in poly-house cultivation. so, farmers must think about it rather than open field primitive farming.









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