Lifestyle and condition of Nepalese students In Australia after plus 2

Article originally written by Sonika Neupane. B.V.Sc and AH… IAAS, Paklihawa

In present scenario, studying in the Australia is quite fancy. Nowadays, it’s main aim of youngsters. Australia ranks 7 of top 100 universities in the world and offers over 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions. In Nepal, it is trend of applying Australia for higher education. Actually Australia doesn’t provide working visa so people apply students visa to achieve their goal.

Nepalese students studying in Australia explains that reality is totally different. It’s true that Australia is developed in every aspects; high speed trains, tall buildings ,clean roads, Sydney opera house (if applying for Sydney) and other natural beauties too. From these we can say lifestyle is far better than Nepal.

There are some merits as well demerits parts for Nepalese student to study there.


  • Can maintain healthy foreign lifestyle.
  • Time prioritization and sacrifice.
  • Hard work and struggle for existence implement.
  • Practical knowledge
  • Higher opportunity for personal development.
  • More independent and high confidence.
  • Learning value of money, it’s source and saving too
  • Most importantly, meaning of life and importance of money.

There are some demerits or sad part:

Sad part:

  • Everyone will pass the exam if they study hard but the problem is that studying is pretty difficult due to long working hours.

Though working hours is 20 hrs per week but this can not collect fees, pay rent and other expenses so students are compelled to do more hours.

  • Fee is most expensive for international students i . e 10 times of Nepal fee Eg: Bachelor software engineering require almost 100 lakhs.
  • Students should do work like cleaning, kitchen hand, car wash ,delivery , loading and unloading loads. For these they should work more hours which degrade their health . According to Aavash Sapkota :

When I was in Nepal that pillow used to hurt me while sleeping but here when I get chance to keep my head in window of train, I feel asleep. This is the change i felt here.

From here we can say it is quite difficult and different than Nepal.

  • Rules and regulations are somehow different than Nepal. Actually Smoking, drinking alcohols, gambling, etc are legal so some students may become addict to it and cross their limitations.
  • Some girls especially who are alone (no relatives) may choose wrong path to earn money because they have no choice. This may cause STDS as well mental stress.
  • Frustration ,if they don’t found job for long time, Homesick and sometimes suicide too if they can’t handle all the pressure.

Also we have heard different news regarding Nepalese students problem in Australia like college not registered, didn’t get salary as per their work, etc.

Everything has Merits and demerits. And now students are seeking their bright future in Australia. Take all those sad part as opportunity to explore yourself more and keep challenging the situation. Good luck!!


Prabin bhattarai (Australian harbour international college )

Aavash Sapkota (federation university ATMC, Sydney )

Simran kaur (Deakin university)

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