One world, one health

All living beings, from smaller to bigger one, live in this world. So, it’s not a new thing to know that some relationship exists between different species.From the health point of view, there is a strong connection between humans and animals including bacterial, fungal, viral, or microbial pathogens that exist in our environment. This had emerged a new concept of one world one health in world; a thought of interdisciplinary collaboration; an idea of communicating in all aspects of health care, where it is believed that human health and animal health are not different, rather they are interdependent and bound to the health of ecosystem in which they exist.

Some research has showed that six out of every 10 known human infectious diseases (60%) are transferred from animals. Also, 70% of emerging human disease and 80% of pathogens could be latently used in bioterrorism. This, not only affects the animal and human but also the environment. When environment is favourable for pathogens, they are in virulent stage and the animals or humans are in susceptible stage which is the reason for disease. Also the transfer of zoonotic diseases is common. Due to this, when environment itself becomes
affected with pathogens, it affects humans as well as animals.It has become like a cycle, where one is associated with another.

Going through, “one health” concept, it is a recent idea, introduced at the beginning of 2000s. Later, it was ideated and implemented by Office International des Epizooties(OIE) as a cooperative global approach for understanding animal and human health risks including ecosystem.It is well known that historically, war of microbial species against human species
have killed far more people than war itself. Worldwide, naturally occurring infectious disease become major causes of death. Recently, the big problem of climate change has made the pathogens more adaptive and resistant to the environment where they used to get suppressed before. So, the only way to prevent this hazard is to adapt health governance system in a
harmonised and coordinated manner globally.

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One world one health concept aims to recognize the connecting link of threat between environment, humans, domestic and wild animals, surveillance of diseases, causes and modes of transmission to monitor properly for ensuring better health and promote it. Hence, this concept can be concluded as a worldwide strategy which chains up the all creatures in this world to make a ring of health.

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