Top 24 Super healthy foods and their benefits potentially you didn’t know about .!!

       Healthy foods assists a person enhancing the physical and mental well being. These foods are full of nourishment and enhances growth. Some of the significant examples of food involve natural food, fibre rich food, vitamin rich food, protein and fat rich food etc.

There is a massive amount of foods out there that are both healthy and tasty. and regularly needs to have.

(A) Fruit and Berries

1. Apple

– They are high in fibre, vit B, vit C and vit K, numerous antioxidants. It promotes heart health. reduce risk of diabetes, cancer and improve digestion.

2. Avocado

– They are creamy, tasty and in fibre, K and vit C. It also helps in reduce inflammation and better heart health.

3. Banana

– They are the best source of K , vit B6 and fibre. It provides several nutrients and plant compounds, including resistant starch and pectin and also helps to control blood sugar level.

4. Orange

– They are source of vit C and fibre. It helps to reduce the risk of several conditions such as kidney stones and anaemia.

5. Strawberry

– They are good source of vit C, fibre and Mn. It helps to improve heart heath, increases HDL cholesterol levels and lower your blood pressure.

6. Grape fruits 

– it is the good source of vitamins and minerals. It is known for ability to aid weight loss and reduce insulin resistance.

7. Papaya

– They are high in vit C, vit A, K and foliate. Eating it may reduce your risk of cancer and improve digestion.

(B) Nuts, seeds and peanuts

1. Almond

– They are main source of vit E, antioxidants, Mg and fibres. It helps to reduce heart disease and diabetes risk factors.
– They also helps in weight loss.

2. Coconut

– They are loaded with fibre and powerful fatty acids called medium chain triglyceride. It supports immune system, improve digestion and also reduce the risk of heart diseases.

3. Macadimia nuts

– They are much higher in mono-saturated fats. It helps to reduce heart disease risk factors.

4. Walnuts

– They are high in fibres, vitamins and minerals. Eating walnut may improves heart health and potentially your brain.

5. Peanuts

– They are high in nutrients and antioxidants. It helps to loss weight. and reduce risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.

(C) Vegetables 

1. Asparagus 

– They are popular vegetables loaded with Vit K. It has many anti-fungal and antioxidant agents. It is good for heart health and helps in detoxification.

2. Bell peppers

– They are good source of antioxidants and vit C. It helps to protect vision.

3. Broccoli

– They are excellent sources of fiber, vit.K, more proteins. It helps to reduce the risk of cancer due to presence of sulfotaphane.

4. Carrots 

– They are rich in fibers and vit K. It is also high in carotene antioxidants. Carrot juice extract may inhibit the growth of leukemia cells.

5. Spinach

– They are great sources of Ca, Fe and vitamins. They helps to reduce blood pressure and benefits for heart health.

6. Cucumber

– It is good sources of many neutrients, vitamins and minerals including vit K. Presence of antioxidants may reduce risk of chronic diseases.

7. Garlic

– It is incredibly healthy. It consists of allicin( bio-active compound with powerful biological effects.) It is natural antibiotics.

8. Onions 

– They have low calories but high nutrients, vit B, C & K. They may protect against cancer( Oesophageal and Stomach ).

9. Tomatos 

– They are fasty and loaded with nutrients like K and vit C. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidants that may play a role in cancer prevention.

10. Cauliflower 

– They are good sources of vitamins and minerals. Presence of fibre improve digestion and may reduce chronic diseases.

11. Peas

– They are high in fibres, protein, vitamins ( A, C, K ). They may provide antioxidants and anticancer benefits.

12. Tuber crops( Potato)

– They are loaded with potassium, little bit of almost every nutrients we need including vit C.

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