How to Lucid Dream Tonight?

How to Lucid Dream Tonight?

Normally, when we dream we are not conscious that the dream is not real. It is only when we wake up then we realize that something was actually strange. However, some of us are able to enter a dream and be fully aware of the fact that we are dreaming. This is what we call lucid dream.

Once you enter lucid dreaming you can control all of your activities and there are endless possibilities. This means in a lucid dream you can face your fears and phobias. You can literally conjure up any object you like, go to any place real or fiction, meet any person real or fictional or even use superpowers of any comic book you have ever dreamed of . It is believed that great scientists used lucid dream to reach the results of their experiments. Lucid dreams are even used to have sex with the character of your imagination or the one you want sex with. This means you can fully control your dream.

Lucid dream encourages healthy sleeping habits and you wake up refreshed every morning. It also allows for communication and understanding of your inner sub conscious mind. You can train and practice skills while in lucid that ca actually help you in real life. So lucid dreaming is of great beneficial.

So if you really want to experience the things that you imagine go through this article till end and follow the instructions. Here are a few tips how you can enter lucid dream tonight.  

Step 1

Spend rest of the day reading about lucid dreams so that you will be informed and focused when the night comes and it’s time to go to sleep. Moreover if you think of the character or the fiction or place you want in a dream it will help you to induce lucid.

Step 2

Perform a lot of reality checks during day time. For example you can count the number of fingers in your hand. Such reality checks will follow you into your dream. If you have more or less fingers than you normally do, you should realize you are in a dream.

Step 3

Set up an alarm for normal wake up time and also set another alarm for six hours after you go to sleep. If your normal sleeping hours are six then set it for 2 hours early than your normal wake up time.

      When you fall asleep you pass through several sleeping cycles and the one in which lucid dreaming occur is called REM (rapid eye movement) cycle. In this cycle the mind is far closer to alert wakefulness than in deep sleep. So the possibilities to realize you are dreaming and gain control are higher. Around six hours after falling asleep you have longest REM period so alarm time selection plays an important role.

Step 4

Wake up after six house of sleep and make a note of any dreams you remember in any note book. Even if you don’t remember anything just write– Today I could not remember my dream. This makes your brain conscious to remember dream next time. Even after having the lucid dream if you don’t remember, what is the point?  so this step is important to help you to remember all of your dreams.

Step 5

Now you are supposed to go back to bed and close your eyes. Once you are lying in bed and close eyes, try to get  your body to fall asleep while your mind stays awake. This can be done by relaxing and may be very lightly tapping your fingers against your bed.

Step 6

Try to relax and imagine or remember the activities you want to experience in your lucid dream.

Step 7

This is final step in which you should try for reality check. Try to count the number of your fingers, does it look normal? Most probably it seems abnormal and your surrounding seems weird. If this happens congratulations! Now you have entered the lucid dream.

Hope this article can help you to have a new experience on dreaming. Do not forget to leave the comments and reviews and share if you liked it.

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