Myth Vs Facts

Myth Vs Facts

You might have heard many stories that have passed from generation to generation over time. They do not gather any scientific evidence, but still you do believe them. Such beliefs are considered as myths. These myths originate from generational thoughts which need not to be true. While on the other sides are facts which are given to us with evidence. Facts are details and carry proof for each of the statement. But myths are unexplained beliefs or stories only.

Generally, we believe what we hear. But what we hear must be fact is also a myth.

So, here we present you 7 Myth Vs Facts. Get ready to be amazed!

  1. Great Wall of China is visible from space:

It is a space-based myth. No single human structure is visible from space. It is certainly not visible from moon, at least to the unaided eye in low Earth orbit.

2.Tongue has different section for each taste:

Our Tongue is not parted for taste such as sweet, salty, sour and bitter. In reality, the receptors that carry these senses of taste are scattered all over the tongue. Yes, its true different parts of the tongue do have a lower threshold for perceiving certain tastes, but these differences are rather infinitesimal.

3. Bats are blind:

 Bats are not blind at all. Infact they have good vision and can see quite well. But most bats have presence of advanced ears that give them a form of vision in the dark which is also known as echolocation.

4. Shaving thickens hair:

 Shaving does not change the thickness or consistency of hair. It only gives a blunt tip to the hair which seems to be darker. This perhaps creates the confusion of becoming thick hairs.

5. Bulls hate red:

It’s only a myth that bulls are made angrier with red color. In reality, bulls are color blind. They actually perceive the motion of the bull fighter’s cloth.

6. Blue color of ocean is due to reflecting sky:

 The water molecules of ocean absorb light of long wavelength such as red, orange etc but do not absorb blue due to its short wavelength, the ocean looks blue. The same case is for sky. It’s only myth that they are reflecting each other.

7. Earthworm becomes two after cutting into two halves:

 If you cut earthworm into two halves in transverse section, the part containing head regenerates tail but the tail part cannot regenerate its head and eventually it dies.  

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