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Each year 12th May is celebrated as International Nurses Day to remember and respect all the nurses around the world who are dedicated for well being of world’s health. Actually 12th May is the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale who is the founder of modern nursing. The theme for 2019 International Nurses Day is- ” Nurses- A Voice To Lead- Health For All”. Various award ceremonies, gatherings, awareness programmes are performed to celebrate the day. Prior to foundation of modern nursing, the military forces used to provide nursing like services. Florence Nightingale, during the Crimean war, worked to improve the health conditions of soldiers, laid the foundation of professional nursing. She is known as founder of modern nursing and also famous for the name ” Lady with the lamp”. New Zealand was the first country to regulate nurses nationally.

Nursing profession In old days, nurses used to take care of sick and injure people without any formal knowledge. At present, the concept has totally changed. Nursing is being a major profession in providing health care, the scope of nursing is very broad and highly demanding. Florence Nightingale defined nursing as-” Nursing is the care which puts a person in the best possible condition for nature to restore or preserve health, to prevent or to care disease or injury. ” A nurse is not only the health care provider, but she is also a motivator, problem solver, counselor, communicator, adviser, coordinates, supervisor, etc. A good nurse have different qualities like honesty, discipline, creativity, intelligent, courageous, friendly and helpful, empathy and sympathy and so on. ICN ( International council members) is a non governmental federation of national nurse’s association representing nurses more than 128 countries. ICN founded in 1899 by Mrs Bedford Fenwick in Geneva, Switzerland. ICN aim to bring nursing together world wide and to advance nursing.

In Nepal, the first school of nursing was established in 2013 in Surendra Bhawan, Lalitpur which is now renowned as Maharajgung nursing campus. Now there are many colleges under TU, KU, PU, BPKIHS & CTEVT for PCL as well as 4 years Bachelor programs of nursing. Nepal Nursing Council (NNC) is a legal body of nursing profession in Nepal which was established in 2053 BS ( 1996 AD). After completion of staff nurse, one has to register in NNC to become a registered nurse.

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