How to lose belly fat ?

How to lose belly fat ?

Is there really ‘one trick’ to lose belly fat?

Is there really only one? Don’t think so. There may be many reasons to have a belly fat which is referred as unattractive and unhealthy for today’s generation.

It is troublesome having an extra fat in your belly either for wearing fit clothes or for your daily activities. However, with a little effort that can be reduced.

Here are some of the best solutions for loosing excess belly fat.  Since, belly fat has other health problems except for looking bad, you can apply these easy remedies to maintain the fitness of your body.

  1. Honey:

 Honey is one of the boons gifted by nature. It contains pretty amount of ethereal oils that help to reduce belly fat.  Honey with lemon water has greater advantage. Since honey and lemon both have their individual health benefits, the mixture speeds up the process.

For this, you should boil the water and cool it until it becomes warm. Then mix 1-2 tablespoon honey. Squeeze the lemon and stir the water well. Drink it in empty stomach.

You will get results soon.

  • More protein and fiber intake:

 Higher protein intake can boost up your metabolism and prevents excess fat to aggregate in belly. Similarly, soluble fiber when mixed with water forms a viscous or gel like substance which slows down the rate of absorption in gut.

This certainly helps to flatten your belly.

  • Avoid sugar as much as possible:

 Excessive amount of sugar intake is one of the reasons of excess fat in the belly and liver. So avoid sugar containing food as much as possible. Replace sugar with honey and cold drinks with fruits or natural juice.

  • Exercise:

 Exercise helps to maintain a healthy life of which reducing belly fat is also a part. Aerobic exercise such as quick walking, swimming, running, or cycling is extremely beneficial.

  • Track your diet:

 One of the major problems in having excess fat is that, people can’t track what they are eating. When people think, they are having food with higher protein content or low crab-diet, it may be drastically opposite. Low crab containing food such as chicken breast, eggs, fish or pork, leafy green vegetables (cauliflower and broccoli) nuts and seeds are to be included in diet. Similarly, avoid higher intake of alcohol and other beverages. Replace some of cooking fats with coconut oil.

If possible, calculate the calorie intake in your diet and plan it accordingly.

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