Eye color and personality difference !!

Eye color and personality difference !!

Eyes are the prominent organ of the human body. Many philosophers have already pronounced the eyes as the door ways to the inner soul. Often, we see people with different eye colours. The people from the Asia often have dark to light brown eyes whereas the European people have blue to green eyes. But have you ever wondered what has caused the difference in the colour of eye among these individual? What is the science behind such a wide variation among the eyes of human though related to single species The Homo sapiens? So, lets dig in!!

Types of the colour of eye.

1.Brown colour:

     About 70-90 % of the total population around the world have brown colour of eyes. Mostly this colour is prominent in the people who are from the Asian or eastern part of the world. The eye is prominent in the melanin secretion which exhibit brown colouration of Iris.

2.Hazel colour :-

       The people with this type of eyes coloration tends to have light brown to strong yellowish-brown colour of Iris. The eye has most melanin secretion than any other colour. There is the shade of some brown and green pigments in the iris of people having this coloration.

3.Blue colour:

      This is the most admired colour among all the colour present in the eye. This colour is most prominent in the people who belong to western part of the world like European countries. Only about 8 % of the total population present in the world have blue colouration of eyes. The people with such colouration has low level of pigment in the eye and are recessive. People with blue eyes is believed often to have better night vision. So, if you have such blue colouration you are such a lucky fellow.

4. Green eyes:

     This coloration of eye is super rare. Only about 2% of population around the world have green coloured eyes. So, from this data too you can guess how significant is this colouration. The person with this colour tends to have low to moderate amount of melanin in their Iris. This colour is believed to be present since bronze age and mostly dominant in Northern and Central part of the European parts of the world.

5.Grey eyes:

    About 3% of the people around the world have grey colour of eye. These people have even small amount of melanin than blue-eyed person. The different composition of stroma that causes light to scatter differently create mysterious, sliver hue. The flecks of gold and brown coloration are believed to depend on clothing, lighting and mood of the person. So, guys to maintain the uniformity, you tend to control your moods too.

6. Amber eyes:

   This colour of eye is ultra-rare. The iris is yellowish, golden or copper-coloured. The amber coloured eyes are solid colour and don’t contain brown, green or orange flecks.

7. Red eye:

This colour is exception among the different colouration of eyes though often mistaken with pink colour. Due to the blood vessels behind the iris, the iris appears red. Because, there is so little melanin in eyes, there is nothing to conceal the blood vessels hard at work leading to this colouration.

What regulates eye colour?

The iris and pupil regulate the colour of eye. Iris is the coloured ring of tissue that lies beneath the cornea and can be a range of colours. Pupil is located at the centre of iris and appears as black hole.

What determines the eye colour?

 The chromosome, DNA and the combination of those DNA strands in the chromosome will determine your eye colour.

Are there any medical implications based on your eye colour??

 Most people have this question in their mind. In fact, this is true. Colour of eye do show some implications.

  • Person with lighter iris color has been found to have higher prevalence of age-related muscular degeneration (ARMD) than the person with darker iris color. (Wikipedia).
  • Grey iris -: Presence of uveitis and an increased risk of UVEAL MELANOMA in blue, green or grey eyes.
Grey iris
  • Dark brown eyes: – Increased risk of developing cataracts so should protect eyes from direct exposure to sunlight.
Dark brown eyes

Eye colour and personality

Do you know the color of eye too determine your personality?

1.Dark brown eye:-

   They are natural born leader. These people are thought of being mysterious, secretive, serious, practical, self-sufficient and strong sense of commitment. They are attractive, adorable and enjoy making friends. Personality and individual difference published a study that says, ” People with very dark eyes tend to drink less than lighter eyes’’. They are better at sports that req. hitting target (Tennis).

2. Brown eye:-

Charles University in Prague on their research stated the person with brown eyes tends to be loyal, trustworthy, respectful and gentle but certainly not submissive. They tend to have short sleep cycle (Chronobiology International).

3. Blue eyes:-

   These people have devotion to noble causes. They are sentimental, moody, competitive and tend to have great stamina. They are open around the peers (Daily Mail, 2006). A study done by University of Pitts Burgh School of medicine stated light coloured eyes tolerate pain better during child birth than those with darker eyes.

4. Grey eyes:-

These people have well balanced personality and are different to different people. They are conformists, quit and self-effacing. They are patient in waiting opportunities.

5. Hazel: –

The people with hazel coloured eye is hard to read and have well balanced personality. They are believed to be determinative, imaginative, loves adventure and try new things. They are thought to be risk taker and yet profound thinkers.

6. Green: –

These people are mysterious, assuring and sexy (Impulse Corporation of Los Angeles). They are believed to be self-sufficient, unpredictable and slow to anger, original, creative and perform well on great pressure.


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