“Impact of technology in Lifestyle”

“Impact of technology in Lifestyle”

Article originally written by Sangam Bishwakarma ,B.Sc.Ag … IAAS,Paklihawa

Simply technology is application of science in our usefulness. Today, everyone is familiar with word ‘technology’ because it has been a part of our life. In our daily schedule, technology has major role. Mobile, internet, television, laptops, transportation, refrigerators etc all are technologies that we use in different way in our daily life. People today are all dependent on technology. It has been a way of life in modern world. Almost everything is possible through a touch of button; shopping, communication, learning, working, entertainment all are possible staying at home. It has been a useful tool in every aspect of our life. We can see what’s happening throughout the world, learn whatever we want. People are being smarter than before.

Let’s forget how technology can be used for goodness for a while, and let’s talk about how it has been used and how it can affect or has been affecting our lifestyle.  Let’s have a comparison before and after the technology in some aspects. 

Childhood; are they missing or they are simply upgraded?

Before the easy excess to technologies like mobile, television, internet like in our childhood, we used to play with other kids like hide and seek, rubber band, football, kabaddi and so many childhood games. That was really a great time. But what we see now are not those what we used to be in childhood. Kids are playing games but in mobiles,. They don’t even need other kids to play with. I wonder whether they are missing something really great or they are simply upgraded.

Family; gathering or aparting?

When there was not technological advancement, a housewife (by mentioning housewife, I am not trying to be anti-feminist, just talking how things used to be.) had to manage time out of work, so that she could spend time with family. And a child would be happy when their mama papa spending time with them. But things are different now, a housewife have to manage time out of work for TV programs. It could be fine if there were few TV channels, but what happened? There are so many channels that kids like one & adults like other channel, daughter likes one & son likes other. So they do not prefer watching together, rather they spend time separately in mobiles, internet and laptops. In other hand the long distance communication has been possible. A mother can now talk to her son in foreign country and see as if they are together.

Physical activities; easier or lazier?

Before the invention & access of vehicles like bus, car, bikes etc, people used to travel on foot. But it has been easier now. People can travel in bus, bike that is very much easier than before. People can even fly now. With the invention of different machines the physical activities are much easier than before. But we are becoming totally dependent in these machines now days. We don’t want to walk a kilometer distance on foot. We are using machines for a simple physical works. Simply we are being lazier than before. Before, people used to be stronger, and used have greater stamina. The disease like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high BP, depression, chronic diseases etc were very less due to daily physical activities. But now, these are the diseases in most of the peoples. Health issues due to physical activities are common. 

Society; being social or unsocial?

Let’s talk about social medias, mobiles and internet. Are the social medias making people social? Before these technologies, people used to gather in society and have fun. There were so many occasion and celebrations for peoples gathering in society. There was greater unity in society than now. People were helpful to each other and used to work together in fields, used to play together and they spend a lot time together helping each other. But what is the condition now? A teenager in a town prefers talking to stranger in social medias rather than talking to neighbors. They don’t even know the name of people living next door. Yeah, people gather today also but those people are from same school, college or people from work. Has friendship been limited to school, college and work only? What about neighbors and society? People have forgotten how to behave in society.

Time; saving or wasting?

Like I said above, almost all the things are possible with the press of a button now. Technologies are saving our times by different ways like transport vehicles, communication medias, computers, machines etc. But the question is we using all technologies for saving time?  I don’t think so. I heard of two types of people. Let that people be student; one manage time for mobile, internet, televisions etc out of study and other one manage time for study out of technology (mobile, internet & television). So what I mean is we are spending or wasting much of time in these gadgets instead of that we could have spent it in useful works. Social medias, internet, televisions are the most important major time wasting technologies now.

People; being smarter or duller?

With the help of internet people can learn everything they want. They can know everything better and they know better than before. But people have forgotten to think themselves. They are all dependent on internet and computers. For example, kids in school need calculator to simple mathematical problem like 5 plus 7. Even for us it has been difficult to calculate simple mathematical calculations accurately as we have been more dependent in calculator. But the major advancement in mathematics took place before the invention of calculator. Now people know better than before. Does that mean people are being smarter than before?

So from all these examples, there must have great confusion created. Has the technology been advancing in the way we want? If that so, what do we want? Are we controlling technology? Or we are being controlled by it? We must think about it and make rational use of these technologies. Practically we can’t stop technology. It is becoming advanced day by day. So we should be careful also.

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