The Scientific study of Dreams is known as Oneirology. Dreams are collection of different images, clips, emotions at Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage.

Dreams can’t be control by individual except for lucid dreams. Usually dreams occurs up to 5-20 min. And we can have 3-5 dreams in a night sleep. It is believed that, in average lifetime people spend 6 years dreaming.
Stress, Fear, emotions, trauma, etc are some causes of dreams.

Generally we have 4 stages of sleep:

Stage 1 and 2: light sleep.

Stage 3: Deep sleep Stage

4: REM sleep 

  • This is powerful dreaming stage
  • Brain waves of more active
  • Paralyze of voluntary muscle.

What are the types of Dreams?

We have different types of dreams. Here we have 5 types.

  1. Day Dreaming

Dreams about something fantasy, pleasant thoughts where individual get detached from reality where dreamer is partially awake.

  • Normal Dreams

These are essential for every creatures. We knew we were dreaming after we wake up. We have this dream in every sleep.

  • Lucid Dreams

Dreamer have idea they are dreaming and can control and direct dream in their own way. This are best types of dream because personal desires can be fulfilled.

  • False awakening

Dreamer thought he/she wake up, brush teeth, get dressed, etc and finally realized ‘oh God! I was dreaming.’

  • Nightmares

It is normal dreams with very scary twist. Dreamer feels it is real and get scared much more. Sometimes after wake up individual can have pain. It may be due to stress, trauma,  drugs/alcohol.

        Other dreams are Recurring, telepathic, premonitory, etc.

20 most common Dreams Symbol and their meaning!!

  1. Ants crawling on you:
    • Someone is annoying you in real life.  
  2. Being trapped:
    • Dissatisfaction with present life
    • Feeling confined in friendship, career and relationships.
  3. Chased by someone:
    • Pursuit in dreams is one’s destiny or death
    • Sorrow and distress.
  4. Dream where you can’t run:(sleep paralysis)
    • Confused what to do in real life.
  5. Failing in exam: We students dreams like can’t answer any answers, no ink in pen, late to attend exams, exam papers in foreign language, etc.
    • Symbolize unprepared to face challenges in real life and lack of confidence. 
  6. Falling from height:
    • Feeling overwhelmed, vulnerability and fear.
  7. Fire:
    • Aggressiveness  
    • Energy and new beginnings.
  8. Flying:
    • Sense of freedom
    • Want to get rid of distraction and pressure.
  9. Losing a shoe:
    • Insecure, uncovering your true self.
    • Buying shoe symbolize travelling ahead in new life.  
  10. Meeting a Celebrity  • Personal need of recognition.
  11. Missing a flight/bus:
    1. Missing important opportunity in life.
    2. Lose of inner power.
  12. Murder/death:
    1. M: Release of anger towards people annoying you.
    2. D: big challenge ahead, end  of something (job,relationship)
  13. Naked dream:
    1. Fear of being Ridiculed and Disgraced.  
  14. Reading books:
    1. Calmness and peace of Mind.  
    2. Bright future, search of knowledge.  
  15. Sex/kissing:
    1. Problems, desires and hopes in all facets of life.
    2. Happiness and need of more romance.
  16. Snakes and other Animals:
    • Describe own personal quality.
    • Snakes: Dealing with difficult situation and healing and transformation takes place. Bats: something negative in waking life.
  17. Talking to Animals:
    1. Superior knowledge, wisdom, potential to be who you are.
  18. Teeth falling out:
    1. Loss of personal power, underlying worry about family members health, have a big decision coming up.
  19. Vehicles:
    1. Desire to move forward in life
    2. Take control where your life is going on.
  20. Water:
    • Happy life, prosperity future, Gain of money.
    • Chewing water:face hardship in life.

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