Palmistry is the study of palm to determine present, past and future of person. The prediction may not be 100% sure but is believed to be correct in huge extent. People use it as a way to determine their luck/fate. It is believed that palmistry can help them to learn more about life and realize more.

  1. Choose a hand:

Choosing the hand is first major step in palmistry. For females, it is thought that right hand is what you are born with and left is what you have accumulated through-out the life. But in case of male it is just reversed, left hand is what you are born with and right is what you have accumulated. One can also choose whichever hand is dominant to be your present/past and the non-dominant will represent the future. Usually in practice, right hand is read in case of male and left in case of females.

2Identify the five major lines:

Life line

Head line

Heart line

Marriage line

Heart line

A. Life line:

It starts palm edge between the thumb and forefinger and extends to base of thumb. It reflects physical health, general well-being and major life changes.


  • No life line-Poor health and short life.
  • Long and deep- Healthy life.
  • Curvy- Sporty and plenty of energy.
  • Chained- Poor health ,specially weak digestive system.
  • Double line- Strong vitality ,highly disease resistant.
  • Straight and close to edge of palm- Cautious in relationships.
  • Circle in line- Injured or hospatilized.
  • Broken line- Unexpected accident, danger, disaster or illness.

B. Head line:

It starts from the palm edge between the thumb and forefinger, and extends across the palm in the middle part with the life line below and the heart line above. It represents persons learning style, wisdom , creativity, strain capacity, memory, self-control and thirst for knowledge.


  • Long-If the line extends and ends under small finger, you are responsive, smart and have good thinking.
  • Short- Careless, hasty and impulsive. Physical achievement over mental.
  • Straight- Strong analytic ability, practical and dedicated.
  • Curved/wavy- Gentle, tolerant, realistic and have strong interpersonal skill.
  • Double- Success in business, strong mental ability.
  • Circle on line- Suffer a memory frustration.
  • Separated from life line- Bold extrovert and independent.
  • Ends near heart line- Good at maintaining personal relationships.

C. Heart line:

It lies above the head line starting from edge of the palm under the little finger, running across the palm and ending below the middle finger or forefinger. It explains the love life and attitude towards love as well as cardiac health and emotional stability.


  • Short – Self-centered, narrow minded and less interest in romance .
  • Long – Romantic nature, faithful in love and henpecked.
  • Curved- Easily express the love, charming and attract opposite sex, but the curve should be upward .
  • Straight line – Stable, conservative, mild and approachable. Shy in love and play passive role.
  • Touches life line- Heart gets broken easily.
  • Wavy – Many relations and affairs but absence of serious relationship.
  • Circle on line- Emotional distress, stubborn character.
  • Broken line- Extreme hardship in relationship, unhappy marital life or instability for marriage.

D. Marriage line:

Located below the base of little finger and above the heart line. It reflects the situation of your marriage life, love relationships, attitude towards love and many more.


  • Straight long- Deep and long love, passionate happy family.
  • Short- Less romantic, likely to get married late.
  • Curved downwards- Indicates your partner dies early, may suffer accidental death or separation/divorce.
  • Curved upwards- Constant in love and settled marriage life, happy love life.
  • Broken- Quarrels, divorce or complications in love life.
  • Circle on line- Unfavorable relationship or marriage, physiological incompatibility with partner or family conflict.
  • X sign – Disputes, quarrels or love triangle.

E. Fate line:

It is vertical line running up the palm towards the base of middle finger as in figure. Also known as line of destiny and indicates the degree to which a person’s life is affected by external circumstances beyond their control.


  • No fate line- Free spirit, self-made individual.
  • Deep line- Strongly controlled by fate.
  • Broken- Sudden change in life which may be good or bad.
  • Circle on line- Weak career or indicative of memory loss.
  • Starts joined to life line- Develops aspirations early on.
  • Joins lifeline somewhere in middle- Signifies point at which one’s interest must be surrendered to other.
  • End at heart line- Career may be affected by emotions.

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