How to access your files and folders from your pc when your PC crashes?

How to access your files and folders from your pc when your PC crashes?

It is a kind of headache to everyone when you keep dozens of important data in your pc and one day you open your pc to access them and all you see is a blue screen of death. Actually, blue screen of death is a common problem in every pc which has windows installed in it. While updating or upgrading your windows, Users frequently face this problem. If someone has a single partition in their pc then it is quite a big problem for them as the ultimate solution of the problem is only to clean install the pc which leads to deletion of their data forever. So, how to recover your crashed pc without loosing anything then? So, lets discuss some of the methods by which you can easily access your important files without actually having to lose them in clean installation process. Let’s dig in.

1.Install your Operating System without clean installation.

     It can be one of the solutions of the problem. Simply, boot through your usb flash drive and install your OS without formatting the drive. Copy all of your files from the hard drive after installation and perform clean installation after that. Remember whether your drive is in GPT or MBR format as they don’t allow the users to simply install an OS in their PC directly. In that case, you have to clean your drive using cmd and convert it into either the type.GPT is suited for installing windows 10 but it can be done in MBR too.

  1. To convert your drive to either gpt or mbr restart your pc using shift+restart key at the same time.
  2. A blue dialogue will appear and go to command prompt.
  3. On command prompt, simply type disk part and it will open a disk part section.
  4. Type list disk and it will show all the drives connected within your pc.
  5. Choose the drive you want to convert. Eg: if the drive show two drive 0 and 1 and you have to install your OS in drive 0 then type select 0
  6. A dialogue box with disk 0 is the selected disk will appear.
  7.  Type clean and on next step type convert to either format (gpt or mbr) [Note this will clean everything in the drive]
  8. Now plug in your bootable drive and install your OS . 

(search the google if you don’t know how to clean install your PC.)

2.Using CMD

CMD is based upon the dos system and is a common yet powerful tool to access and debug your pc with some simple commands. Simply follow following steps:

a. Boot through your usb drive and on appearing the install windows wizard click on the repair option.

b. After that simply click the command prompt and type the following commands.


c.After opening the notepad go to your pc drives and click on C drive.

d.Go to users’ section and click on your user folder. (eg: sagar or your pc name)

e. Locate the place where you have stored your data and simply right click on your mouse and cut the data into external hard drive. It’s that simple.

f. After moving your important files perform clean installation of your pc.

Wasn’t it that simple guys? You can do it yourself too without having the fear to lose any data of yours or to give it to other people by throwing him big amount of money. Visit our posts to learn some other cool tricks on your PC.

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