Mushroom and its beneficiaries

Mushroom and its beneficiaries

So, what is a mushroom? I know many of you have heard different things about it, its health benefits, its nutritional importance, its scope as a small farmer income source and many more. But have you clearly thought “what a mushroom actually is?’’ To make you clear about this god food, here is some little information about what a mushroom is in reality. Let’s dig in!!!

  1. Orthodox about mushroom:

From past many years mushroom has been considered as the most ideal food known to human history. People take it as the food of god which mean to say god took this food to stay healthy and immortal. People from ancient period have been consuming mushroom as to revitalize their immune system, as tonic to their beauty and to stay young.

2. Mushroom in general:

  • A mushroom is a fleshy, spore bearing fruity body of fungus typically produced above ground on soil or on unused food Sources.
  • They feed upon dead and decayed organic materials and can’t prepare food on their own which mean to say the essential for photosynthesis is lacking in it.
  • The edible fungus is called Mushroom whereas the non-edible one is called toad stools.

Typically, there are two stages of mushroom

         a. Mycellial state

          b. Reproductive state

     3.. Classification of Mushroom

             On the basis of its characters, growth medium and edibility, mushroom has been classified into different classes.

On the basis of structure :

  • Edible mushroom: Agaricus bisporus
  • Medicinal Mushroom :Ganoderma  lucidum
  • Poisonous mushrooms :Amanita phalloides

On the basis of ecology :

  • Saprophytes :Ganoderma lucidum
  • Mycorrhiza : Cordyceps sinensis

On the basis of cultivation :

  • Wild mushroom :black truffle (Tuber melanosporum),Boletes(Boletus spp) e.t.c
  • Cultivated mushroom : Lentinula edodes,Pleurotus spp,Agaricus Spp.,Volvoirella spp, e.t.c.

4.Health benefits of edible mushroom

Mushroom being an easily grown species and most economical in case of those who sustain small land holdings, it has been widely popular to the people around the world. Because of its low cost, easy growing mechanisms and high profit return and small pay back period, mushroom has been liked through out the world. Some  of its benefits has been discussed below :

  • Antioxidants: Mushrooms are the potent scavengers of hydroxyl and superoxide free radicals.
  • Low cholesterol effect of mushroom: It contains high fibre and low-fat content so good for diabetic patents with natural hypercholesteraemic.
  • Medicinal importance : They are used against different diseases in human beings.

Eg: Morchella in diarrhoea and fever, Pleurotus in blood coagulation, jaundice and antihelminthic , Muscaria in epilepsy, fistulina hepatica in healing wounds , e.t.c.

Being a widely consumed food material with so many of its health benefits, mushrooms has been renowned as small farmer crop. More over the potentials it has got has not been seem quite effective till now in every root level. So, it becomes our duty to make people aware about its cultivation practises. Perhaps you may now have understood what a mushroom can do to your health so why not consume mushroom daily. I am consuming it today, and you?

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