Confused while choosing best Operating system for your pc?? Here is the best way to make you comfortable!
Windows is today’s one of the best and most used operating system by many users. It provides wide range of features and facilities to its users which will make you more than satisfy.
But apart from windows, linux is also the most admired and used operating system round the world. Linux provides its salient features who loves coding, testing various systems and surf through the deep.
Actually, both of the distribution are best in their own. Both of them provides lots of services to their users that no body can doubt on their funtionlity. But for the sake of comparision, when it comes to this topic, following can make these a bit different from each other!

  1. Size~ Windows in reality comes with pre-size > 4 GB. It is so because for every function it needs drives to run and operate. So it comes with larger size. But talking of LINUX distribution, it is around 1-2 GB only because it is a light handy operating system.
  2. System interface and usability~ Windows is actually very user friendly because of its pre-installed softwares to handle the user commands like installing any software, applications, games.  Linux mostly have its software centers for the software downloads but mostly requires coding via its Terminal for its every actions and commands like update, upgrade, installing softwares etc.
  3. User~ If you are a student that involves lots of computer based practicles in your school, campus then Windows is best for you as lots of helping softwares developed based on Windows interface. But if you are one-learing person, penetration testing guy than it is obvious that LInux is the best choice for you!

  Actually both of the Operating system are best and if you wish to use both of them then you can enjoy the features of both by doing so:

  • By dual booting:windows along side any linux distribution
  • By  using any virtual machine and booting one of the operating system on it. 
  • By live booting.
  • and many more other process!!

We hope we made some comfortable to you in making your decision!!

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